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Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group Limited is a large corporate group, with shipbuilding and offshore engineering as its core business and with four additional sections: financial investment, metal trading, real estate and shipping combined ship-leasing as supplementary business...
Charity is one of the long social traditions in China, which can reduce Nation’s burden and release people’s sadness. In respect of fortune, Mr Yuanlin Ren, the board chairman of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group, thinks that sharing with the Public is the best policy.
10000TEU''''s Hatch Cover
70m Oil Barge
The world''''s largest hatch cover -
SUPER116E Jack-up platform
1200TEU Container Vessel
25500DWT Bulker
1350TEU Container Vessel
1850TEU Container Vessel
4800DWT MPC Vessel
5100DWT self-propelled and self-disc
47500DWT Bulker
1574TEU Container Vesssl
10000KW Multi-Purpose Standby Vesssl
8500DWT MPC vessel
19000DWT Product and Chemical tanker
34000DWT Bulker
12500DWT multiple purpose cargo vess
47000000c.f. Wood Chip Crrier
7600DWT Bulker
49500DWT Bulker
Talent is essentialresource for developing a enterprise. As emperor Liu Bang said, ‘Working out a perfect plan and winning battles far away, I cannot match Zi Fang’s ability. Comforting common people and ensuring people dressing warmly and eating full, I cannot match Xiao He’s ability. Unifying millions of armies to war and getting victory every time, I cannot match Han Xin’s ability.
Enterprise Mission: To develop the most competitive comprehensive listing company with excellent performance of shipbuilding and offshore engineering and pursue diversified development satisfy employees, return profit to share holders, contribute to the society.
Enterprise Vision: We want to build the best ships in the world and We want to be the best shipyard in the world.
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